Friday, March 30, 2012

Timeline in Facebook

Do you like the "timeline" thing in Facebook?

Honestly, I don't. It is just that there's no way to take it off in my profile as per Facebook standard. As to Facebook, beginning the user updates its wall to Timeline, there is no way to change it. The visibility could only be changed from your computer, on your browser, on your phone but in the Facebook wall, it won't.

I recently knew from a co-blogger that there is a chance to take it off. Her husband did the magic. And one co-blogger told a link on how to but did not checked it yet. Hopefully by the knowledgeable hands of individual (not from Facebook, because that isn't there concern, as their policy is "as is") I can changed my standard wall. :-(

Any idea how? 



We know that computer and Internet is already some kind of a “need” for an individual or family nowadays. Alright. For a new company, the idea of creating a website makes it possible for them to introduce their brand, products and services to a wider market. It is easier to acquire new customers if they can create an online presence. Whenever people look for a particular product or service, they just go online and look for the company that can provide what they need as being online just come in handy. And if a company has their own website, they are most likely to get clients from among the millions of Internet users who go online every day, well, just like me who goes online almost everyday. And that is provided with all the resources, of course. Aside from creating an effective website that has all the vital information that customers need, it is also important that they acquire the services of a reliable web hosting provider. They need a website that is online all of the time so that it is readily available whenever potential clients decide to visit their website. Their sales will dramatically increase if their website is accessible at all times and this is the kind of service that reliable web hosting provides. Have a great and fruitful business then!



This Simsimi has been famous nowadays. Users even tell, why would they want "Siri" if they can have Simsimi. But of course, having Siri is better than Simsimi. But for folks who doesn't have an app for Siri then, Simsimi is great (depends upon your taste but I like it).

Simsimi by the way, is an app for Iphone and Android users. It is an automated responder if you something. The good thing is there is a language translation. So if you ask her in "Tagalog" words, she will also answer on that language. Adoptable huh! :-) If you don't have those two type of phones, you can have her in "dot" com. So, simsimi(dot)com . Again, replace the "dot" word to its symbol "." .

I had use it through the "dot" com and I had fun on it. I only have Ellen and Martin so I use the latter. If you are bored, frustrated or angst, you can use Simsimi for it than being angst to a real person. Ha!



(Thanks to Olga Quinn)

I have a confession to make. I’m a little embarrassed about it, but I figure every new business owner makes some mistakes. We might as well own up to them. I had a flawless business plan, and I hired some great people, and we got to work. We had a great space for our growing company and I thought we had everything under control. And then we started having phone issues. And by “phone issues” I mean we were dropping multiple calls and all of our bills were through the roof. Luckily, one of my employees stepped up and took it on himself to find us a new phone service provider. I don’t know how it didn’t occur to me that we needed a provider that focused on businesses; my only excuse is that I had a million other things going on and just got distracted. Luckily, my employee found a great provider after doing some research on voip for business. We now have super reliable phones that are crystal clear, and our bill is the same every single month. It’s definitely one thing I won’t have to think about for a long time.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Benefits of Natural Home-Made Facial Masks

Are you tired of looking for facial masks that won’t cost you much and at the same time give your skin it’s much needed treat? Well, I have been looking for some really good facial masks at the beauty store, but sometimes I do feel like the ingredients are not all safe for m sensitive skin. This is one reason why I have decided to try making all natural facial masks at home. And yes, you can do it too! You might think that it is costly, or it might take some of your time. But actually, most of the ingredients can be found in your pantry or in your fridge, and with a little time, you will surely be surprised that you made an all natural facial mask at home.

Here are some Natural Home-Made Facial Masks:

Its not expensive as compared to the ones at the store. I will only cost you a few dollars and some of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen.

It is all natural. Since you will be using fruits, you are assured that it is safe for your skin. Most commonly used are banana, milk, oatmeal, honey, lemon etc.

It is convenient. You will prepare everything at your home at your own free time. It will only take a few minutes to prepare and mix all the ingredients that you will use.

Who knows, you can even start a business out of this. Try it to yourself and see the results to your skin. You can prepare and sell a few bottles to friends or have it as a giveaway on occasions.

Ysabela is a freelance content writer who enjoys doing home crafts and other DIY projects. Her most recent article was about gulvafslibning (floor sanding) and easy woodwork pieces for the home.


Keyboard 4 Keys NOW Functional

As you can see, the title speaks for itself. This is an update of my "4 Keys Keyboard Nonfunctional" post yesterday as I was using my hubby's computer at the time of posting. If you had read it, you can think I was just relax with a lot of questions, the "what if"! Ooh yeah, I was just calm but deep inside  of that "what if" consequence was a bit of torture. Okay, that was just a bit since I am no rich person that can buy and let it be delivered in a day aside from the half of the idea of not rich enough to decide quickly of whether to get it or not that quick and if ever, what unit will I have to get that could last years with great features (that would take a lot of time to think and get a quote huh considering the price).

And so, the answer is here, after a night of my laptop's resting moment. Yeah, it is NOW FUNCTIONAL from Non-functional four (4) important keys last night. Hurray to that!

My unsolicited advise is crystal clear. If you experience or will experience it, please let it rest for a night or day and check it afterwards. It worked for me, so should try too!


Keyboard 4 Keys Nonfunctional

Being in a computer most days of the week is what kind of person I am. If you know my story about computer the yesterdays, or while I was in my college years. You probably say: "that shocks!", true enough. Chances were, I was not fond of being in a computer, or scarcity supply of resources was the problem. The point is just "not a fond" and that was before. After I introduced myself on it through the help of a family member, I was like "okay" that's interesting. Alright, I think it's enough about the history (ha!), this is not about myself in the past but how it would affect if four (4) keys in my laptop keyboard would not function. You bet, I am currently using my husband's computer (I just can wish he has this Toshiba which is in sale now)  and it is not fun doing this since this is his and I have mine. The thing is, mine would not function and I really need to do something online, some task and etc. Good thing he let me lend it but this won't last for long, just only for circumstances. With that, it lets me think and begin to interrogate myself of "what if it would not function of how many tries after I let it rest for a night?", "what if it won't function forever?", "do I have that much money to change it and have it tomorrow or the next day?. As in, what? What am I thinking?

Okay, as I said I let it rest. I shut it down after the important four keys (c, h, v, t) did not functioned no matter how I tried. I am going to let it relax overnight. Hopefully  it will be fine tomorrow.

Do you think it will function normally? Hopefully. Make a guess....


Four Ways to Organize Your Finances

As tax time rolls around, you might find yourself scrambling for receipts and records of your finances. Many people find themselves in financial troubles thanks to unorganized finances. With a few proactive steps, this is a problem you can avoid. Here are four ways to organize your finances.

Get Some Folders and Envelopes

Use one large envelope to hold your receipts for the year. If you want to get really detailed, use smaller envelopes for each month. Label them and keep them in the large envelope. You could even have a separate envelope for receipts you plan to use as work-related expenses for your tax deductions.
Set aside another large envelope to hold your pay stubs and other records of income. If you are self-employed and have payments from numerous clients, make a photocopy of each paycheck. Put the photocopies in the envelope.
A folder is a perfect holder for statements. When you get your bill each month, put the statement in the folder and use paper clips to sort the different companies. For example, keep all your cable statements in one clip and your credit card statement in another. Put them all in the folder for easy access. You might want to keep a copy of the previous year's tax returns in the folder as well.

Put Your Electronic Devices to Work

Let your gadgets keep records for you. Take snapshots of paychecks and keep them in a folder if you are self-employed. Use a spreadsheet to track expenses. If you want to check all your bank and investment accounts at once, consider using a website or app such as Mint. A great way to keep organized is to check your accounts weekly or even regularly as possible. Using electronics makes this task simple.

Get Some Paper
While generally reliable, electronics are sometimes fallible so it's good to have a backup method for financial records. Use it to create a budget and list all your bills on it as well. Write down due dates and your estimated budget on the paper so you can keep track of your income and expenses. This will serve as a general overview you can check every few months. If an emergency occurs, a quick look at this shows you where you stand. If an emergency occurs and you don't have the funds to cover the emergency, you can look into payday installment loans to get you back on track financially. Keep records of your loans and repayments.

Mark Your Calendar
Whether you use an electronic calendar or a hard copy, make down all of the due dates for your bills. Give yourself a warning a week before the bill is due so you have time to pay it. Keeping your financial records organized makes life a bit easier. With a system in place, everything is at your fingertips, and you won't have to worry about misplacing important papers.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tax Time

Haven't been filed our tax yet. There's still more time since I think the last day of filing is April 15. And DH prefer the professional folks to do it other than him. It would only take some time to get it done. That some time is in an hour or two and that is it. So for now, I gotta get ready the expenses for deduction so it is only a breeze when DH tells we got to go to the tax people/company place. Much more the receipt that he keeps on telling me to find to which it is just in my wallet. There's other thing too, my expenses in my online gig to deduct on my income as it has to be reported to IRS.

For now, I gotta get that receipt and give it to him to recheck. After that, the receipts for my online gig and such. Hopefully it would be an easy-peasy thing. Time to park my laptop keyboard keys. Bye for now and all the best! ~hugs&kisses~


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Have a Great Tuesday!

I can always remember about a virtual teacher friend talking about "Tuesday". She change the "Tues" to "Choose" so instead of Tuesday, it is already "ChooseDay". As in choose to be happy and gay. "Laugh as hard as you can as if no one's watching". Familiar line, eh?

So now, instead of being anxious thinking of the up-coming heart cath of my lovely daughter, which will be tomorrow very early morning, I choose to be happy and be positive. God will always provide, I believe. So I have to worry-not (though I had been sleepless every now and then last days thinking about it, but that's all about it). So, have a Great Tuesday everyone! We don't own our lives and anytime God will get us, HIS Will be done. There's no guarantee in this earth, everyone will go to ashes, so we must get ready for that. For now, let's enjoy. That's why it is called "present" for us to enjoy, right?

Have a great one! Enjoy responsibly!


Steel Products, Anyone?

Who needs steel products? Oh well, practically just about anyone, I guess, someone who is building a home or a property or a business establishment, too, if you may. In fact, almost everyone who is trying to build something must need an assortment of steel products for varying uses and purposes: for buildings and bridges, for cars, for plumbing and electricity purposes, just about anything, really. You might need some and you are not even aware of it! Remember having to buy a part for your plumbing repair or a some supplies for your tool shed? There is really a never-ending need for all those steel products, may that be pipes, tubes, sheets or even ornamental ones or tool steels, or whether you will be needing brass, stainless steel or cast iron, it was a good thing you can check them out, even when you are online busy doing your online tasks. Checking out industrialmetalsupply.com for all your steel supply needs might do a trick. They have a wide variety of steel products to choose from to fit your every need. They even have Overstock sale where you can purchase steel products you might be needing at a steal! So haste not and go down to their site now.

Constructions done here, there and everywhere. You might probably think that such place is being industrialized, or maybe just a thought. True or false, industrialized or not, but we people constantly build buildings, houses, toy houses and such. One need metals for great construction!


A Gargantuan Task

I don’t know how those people manage to do it, but running a warehousing business sure is a gargantuan task and requires a huge amount of effort, not to mention a big and reliable manpower, to run its operation smoothly. Talk of a gargantuan task! Imagine all the business transaction that goes about in the place in a day and imagine how the people manage to be on top of their deal, contracts and operations. And if you happen to be one of these people I am talking about, then you must be in need of a third party logistics software to help you run your warehousing business efficiently. Well, then, you might want to check out http://www.3plcentral.com for that. They offer a third-party logistics warehouse and online inventory management system that will very well benefit not only your business but also your valued clients, as well, by making accurate information online available on-demand. This is also cost-effective, as you only have to pay for the software once. This might very well be a good investment for your business. Check out their user-friendly sites if you’ve got more questions. They have video demos so you can have a bird’s eye view of how their system works and hey, you can even request for a demo, while you’re at it!


I Have A Full Time Job

Yes! Any idea of what's my job? Alright, you probably know now..

Those who think that being a full time mother and a housewife is a breeze ought to think again! It is really never easy to keep a 24/7 job with no vacation leaves or half-days and sick leaves whenever you needed one. You must be an automaton to be able to accomplish all your chores and tasks, day in, day out! And mind you, it is a job with no monetary compensation, no room for relaxation on your own or idle moment even. You need to be constantly up on your toes. Caring for the baby requires most of your time, about 20 hours or so in a day, in fact, and somehow you manage to squeeze in the jobs in between, or while the baby is taking a nap or being taken care of by his dad or other members of the family. It really leaves no room to breathe at times, too.

That is why I really think moms like me ought to get those best "Employee Awards" *wink*, we deserve it, after all. For our perseverance and hard work, and so many more, we actually deserve a Nobel prize! Oh well, I am not sure if they will be handing those trophies to moms like me anytime soon, don't you think so?  Smile. :-)


For All Your Form Needs

Anyone need to create a form, fill up a form or accomplish and submit forms at one point in their lives. And if you are a business owner, these forms are integral part of your business much like your capital or your manpower. These form makes organizing your information and data, including orders, expenses and earnings, much easier. That is why it is of utmost importance that you create effective and efficient forms to support your business. And if you are in need of those well-organized and specifically-designed forms, order forms or medical billing forms, for example, to suit your business needs, then you do not need to look further. Choose from assortment of available forms and you are all set. And did I mention your purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee? Not only that you can also download trial forms at no cost at all, isn’t that amazing?! Surely there is no other place for such resource to look for in case you find yourself needing additional forms to fuel up your business. This site is a one-stop forms shop, with reasonable pricing and an assortment of awards to prove why they are considered one of the best in the field.


The Best Employee

Keeping a regular nine-to-five job is no easy feat, especially if you have a family, with children at that, to care for. It will be really difficult which ones to prioritize best and I really salute those who manage to keep a healthy balance of career and family. Being a wife and a mother, not to mention a homemaker and an all-around house-help is really no walk in the park, and if you will add a new set of tasks, priorities and deadlines to beat at work, I will never know how I’d ever manage!

That is why I think it is a very good practice for companies to commend their people for a job well done, not to mention their dedication to their work. Employee Awards ought to be doled out on a regular basis, monthly if possible, to those people who deserve the accolade and the recognition. An accompanying prize, like gift certificates to spa or movies, or cash equivalent, maybe, will also prove effective in inspiring people to exert effort and work to their optimum potentials. You can now then think of great trophies you can hand out to your best employees of the month.

What do you think? All the best to your company!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Google's Greeting

As I open my Internet browser lately, I can see the greeting saying "Happy Saint Patrick's Day" with something green in the image. And so I remember it's Saint Patrick's Day. So, wear something green huh!

On the other hand, I can just remember my daughter PA (Assistant Physician, Ms Jillian) who's been tending to her (together with PA Mr. Chiang, either one is present, they are both great. I like them both.) when she's in the doctor's clinic (okay they were assigned to my daughter) just like lately when my baby had her pneumococcal vaccination. PA Jillian wore light yellow-green shirt. Just then after I arrived home (haven't opened PC yet) I realized I forgot to let my Sam wear her green onesie and me having some green. Ah, just go with the flow. It doesn't hurt to wear something green in honor of Irish people. :-)

What about you, did you see Google's image lately? How do you like it?


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

" There's a time for everything and a season of every activity in Heaven"

The title speaks for itself. I memorize that line now. Before, I just have that "there's a time for everything" and then it already increases its phrase and I like it! Just a thought worth sharing. Don't you think you would like it, in times of struggle? Go spread the positive vibe! :-)

It is indeed true. It is an uplifting message and there's nothing wrong about it. In fact, it is an adage that I like you to memorize. If you're into something, remember this while doing your goal. Reaching for the time with this adage, I think is helpful.

What do you think?


Sunday, March 11, 2012

On Dedicated IP’s

I have read about dedicated IP’s in one of the blogs I am subscribed and am currently considering whether I should get one for my blogs, too. From what I gathered, it is actually having a unique IP (Internet Protocol address) of your own which shall be shared amongst your blogs. You also have an option to get a dedicated IP for each of your blogs, but it will cost you a bit more. This is most beneficial for bloggers who are into monetizing their blogs as having a dedicated IP address will make your blogs more appealing to future advertisers and, therefore, future income opportunities.On the other hand, a blog owner should have to protect his/her IP as it could be banned if anything is undesirable or someone just happen to get jealous of his/her blog. Otherwise, it is a very beneficial one.  It is just like a brand of a blog, much more if it has an SSL too. :-)

I am still doing a bit of reading about the subject and will be coming up with the decision to get my own dedicated IP address once I am done. For now, I just have back-up of my blogs here in blogger platform and in case something happen, it maybe deleted or alike, it's not so much a worrisome on my part.


A Blogger’s Essential

If you own a number of blogs at the same time, chances are you might just have invest on one of those online data storage systems to house your entire blog, along with the files, databases and backups that are essential to run the entire operation, if you know what I mean. Investing on a reliable service like this will ensure the integrity of your data, as well as you blog, and will give you enough peace of mind to think of interesting topics to write about other than worrying about the post you just lost last night or the photos that you uploaded unto your blog that are now suddenly gone missing. This will also make sure that your blog will run smoothly 24/7 which, crossing your finger crossed, will encourage visitors to return yet again for another worthwhile experience and as your readership and following grows, advertisers and monetizing your blogs cannot be far behind!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Have a Happy Tuesday!

It might be, things has been low yesterday of the past days but let us not be a loser of our own twin, the problems and the bad happenings, instead let us just embrace it. Yes, embracing it and burn to fuel our journey. After all, we are still here, alive and kicking. Lively again. Forget about the past low moments. Yes. Why would we be on a bondage of such. I can just say this because such had already passed. Just saying, that it has been already recovered and deep inside is a happiness feeling. Whew! What a great day! Hooray! Great ideas and thoughts follows. :-) Rest is very much important. We cannot stop the time but we can always go with it. If not, just let it go and everything's will be fine later. You never know you're already ahead of it or in the right time. :-) Have a great Tuesday everyone! Have fun and enjoy responsibly whatever trials is going through on you. :-) It won't be long anyway. Just smile at it and continue your wonderful journey in life. :-)


Computer Back-Up

You would thought every computer user have a back-up of their files and documents stored on their PC in case something's unpleasant happen to the computer, there is still a saved ones that could be stored back and everything's will be in normal after a reformat or computer repair. I cannot imagine of having none. Everyone should have it. As it has been said, is a "must". Indeed! It is just very fine to save important files and documents through the standard back-up in the CD, DVD, external hard drive, USB and any other else you have in mind. But think of the predicted thoughts from the computer geeks that has been said, 10 years from now, laptops won't be having hard drive no more as all files and documents will be hosted online so users could access it anywhere and anytime they want. To add that, "all computer users should have some sort of online back-up". Whew! Thus, we would have to start knowing how to have it. An egnyte 
e-company is doing this kind of job. We might like to explore how they have done this. A free trial to try it out is definitely a great idea. This e-company also offers a "standard features and optional paid features" as it has been said, and claimed to have been rated ranked as #1online backup provider as based on their "review and customer feedback". We might then have to check it out and see for ourselves how incredible this is.


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