Monday, February 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Yikes I received this beautiful blogger award from Manang Rose of "Etcetera, Etcetera" and Te Kat of "Mom's Place", Te Khim of "Anything at all" which said that I am beautiful that is why they gave this to me, whew! Hehehe.. I am grinning beautifully and looks like I will be grinning more and more since I have two other buddies who also give to me but in my other blog so I will just put it there so not to break the beautiful award. *winkz* Thanks a lot Manang Rose for this. It is an honor to receive it from you... Thankie!

This award wants me to list seven (7) things about me either beautiful or not that comprises me to become as beautiful as Manang Rose said. Hehehe.. So here it is:
  1. Usually, I do not eat breakfast. I like to wake up late because of the cold temperature even if we have heater. Am a night owl. :-)
  2. I like to read especially when there are colorful images that describes the topic/title.
  3. I am apologitic if it makes the situation better even if it is not my fault but there's an exemption if overly thought.
  4. My basic colors of stuffs like clothes, shoes, purse and etc are black and brown. My shoe size is seven and my bod size is three, or four (or five! errr) in junior section. Can you see the logic? I usually shop dresses in junior section! (LOL)
  5. I like to make people happy, advise if they need (if I have something to ponder on) and give if I have but I do not like people who are not ashamed to ask money. :-(
  6. Music keeps me alive. I love music a lot, singing and dancing (even though sometimes music don't like me {:D}). :-)
  7. Veges are great to my taste than meat.

So that is it. I will keep this award to myself but whoever like to grab, feel free to have this or to award someone but don't forget the linky :-). Enjoy being beautiful everyone... Have fun! (~_~)


Learning Piano

If you could remember how I really like to learn piano if I have plenty of time, then you can visualize how I really want to. I hope I have enough time to practice all the stuff needed in order to learn and could then play good. But for now, it is somewhat like close to impossible. But I am not closing my door of personal growth for this stuff. One day, I will! It is one of relaxing, fun and awesome hobby.

Now I must learn the fact that there are steps to learn after the basic skill. Certain individual somehow goes to study in traditional school but nowadays the choices between this or at the comfort of our home is of our decision which do you like better. Mostly said it is better to study it online after the basic skills. There are stuffs to learn like accompanying to the singer so not just playing but learning how to go with the flow on how it is better. Folks usually like to learn piano chords. Yoke Wong is an expert of piano lessons. She played piano at the age of seven and goes to school for how many years of music industry for personal growth. And now she improvised the lesson and a lot of stuff that folks who like to learn on how to play piano chords can understand well same as in traditional way at the same time just a cheaper price. As an expert she will teach you as to her expertise and in no time you will be playing piano chords at your expected time or perhaps lesser than you think. You may like to check her site to see for yourself. Have fun playing and keep going...


Saturday, February 20, 2010

N3r3n First Ever Giveaway

Yep, this is my second time (first time on this blog) ever since I blog I join a giveaway or contest. And this is for N3r3n. This is her first time hosting one. I hope I will win. (~_~)

These are her giveaways prizes:

Travel Bottles
St. Ives Apricot Scrub 1 oz.
Eucerin Moisturizing Lotion 1 oz.
Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 2 oz.
Maybelline Lip Color
Carmex Cherry Flavored Lip Balm
Loreal HiP Jelly Balm
Covergirl Lipgloss
Elf Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15
Smashbox foundation primer Sample
Halo Shampoo Sample
Halo Conditioner Sample
Halo High gloss rinse Sample
NYC Lipstick in English Rose
Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Sweet As Candy
Revlon Lip gloss in Midnight Swirl
Almay Hydracolor Lipstick in Rose
Victoria’s Secret Lotion in Strawberry and champagne

You can also enter should you like so. If ever, you may head on to his giveaway entry and glance the easy mechanics.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Healthy Dreams Germ-Fighter Pillow from National Allergy

I do not ever wonder that most pillows begin growing mold, bacteria and dust mites soon after you start using them. I only know that it grows mold, bacteria and dust mites not after I use it or how many weeks that pillow cases has to wash or put the pillows under the sun as long as I like to do or as I can see that it is already dirty. :-) It is just lately that I discover it. That pillow cases has to wash every other week to maintain cleanliness even if it is not visibly dirty. According to the research or the medical doctors that we breathe moisture into our pillows as we sleep, thus we also breathing the mold, bacteria and dust in there! That is why we have asthma, sinusitis, and other dust allergy acquires in our home. I do not say this is the only way we can have the allergen but this is one of the major cause because we use our pillows often especially the normal six to eight hours of sleep during night aside from taking a nap or some like to just stay at their bedroom hugging their pillows during relax time. So you do the math. Ooh my... You may like to watch the video below for some proof that a doctor told how pillows affect allergen problem. Remember, it is the pillow not the mechanical thing or the brand he talks about. The mechanical function is a matter of choice is the key point. For now, the video is below:

Because of this, I like the fact that National Allergy designed an exclusive new Healthy Dreams pillow with the Micrenza bio-filter to be the first truly germ-free, mold-free, and allergen-free pillow available, so we can sleep safely without breathing in harmful biological particles that cause congestion and infection. What I like from most of this pillow is that its filter has the same bacteria filtration efficiency as an N95-rated surgical mask and I like the idea that National Allergy have treated the cotton shell with a germ and mold fighting agent to keep anything from growing on the surface and I believe that no other pillow has a filter to protect us. So for me, if I have a budget for fancy and comfortable stuff then I have to buy this but if my budget is tight, then I will just set aside then until I have enough to buy for it. I really hope to have this.


New Gadgets for Home Entertainment

Most people want gadgets. What about you, do you want new ones? What do you think with the wireless speakers and a wall-mounted flat television like below? I bet you likely want to own one because I do! :-) When you are from your busy tiring work, you most likely want to enjoy after wards when you are at home in your cozy warm sofa, watch Oprah, basketball, football or any program you like on your favorite channel or perhaps favorite show. New Gadgets entertain us well so better get the quality one. Stuffs like how they built and the comfort of the device adds to the comfort they bring. Ooh well, all of us want that --- cool entertainment system not just as what we can see in Worlds Best Hotels but also in our own home! Hmmmm...
Since I love music (even if music do not like me sometimes), I am always on the go for cool gadgets that pertaining to music stuff like that cute wall-mounted wireless speaker above from Jamo is an awesome one. According to its feature, this stylish speaker offers precision and clarity for music and film soundtracks, in a range normally reserved for larger speakers. In addition, the compact A 804 is a 3-way bassreflex measuring 700 x 160 x 100 / 27.6 x 6.3 x 3.9, making it small enough to be mounted and placed anywhere you need it go. A Danish design, with black leather and black high gloss finish is elegant enough for any space, without compromising sound quality.

What do you think? I do not know on you but, I want this! I have to save more or I hope the husband can see this so he will buy it for me. :-) So then, have a great relaxation folks! Have fun...


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glad To Be Registered EC Member Now!

I would like to officially announce that this blog of mine and the other one (Cacai M's Place) are already registered EC members now (actually two days ago already). I am happy with the free service of entrecard behind of the hullabaloo nowadays (viruses on other members blogs, some service). That did not get into my pessimism of this bloggers networking site really. I know there are also many got out but that is their choice and this is also my choice. That is it for now. Again, welcome to entrecard dropping here and all my other blogs. Have a great blog hopping, entrecarding, and reading! Thanks... :-) ~hugs~


Alli Diet Pill is Not Safe? Beware!

I am no expert with diet pills. I am not a scientist or a doctor. What I only concern is that be cautious and think many times, review if your really need or want it. Do not take chances, weigh many times before drawing into conclusion. The answer should be above positive so no regrets will happen. We know that regrets can make us miserable so as much as possible we make sure of what we will do that we really are contented with our decisions. When it comes to dieting, make sure you have exercise, eat what the body need and just take it easy. Again, be cautious of what is going around if you plan to go for diet pills. Just for example, alli side effects on having it. It is no joke to give info to the people and when having it with sensible peeps, then we must have to be aware! Observe and gather some facts to those current client or customers. Weigh-in and stuffs like that, again, be cautious and stay safe.


Today is Ash Wednesday!

I am not shocked or feel the idea of time that it will soon Lent Season. Lent Season by the way is one of the four cycle of Roman Catholic calendar. It began at the onset of Ash Wednesday which is today. Ash Wednesday date for Roman Catholic religion is flexible meaning there is no exact date because of the world calendar date---Roman Catholic calendar will speak for that. Last year, the Ash Wednesday date was February 25 and now it is one week and a day advance apparently, Easter Sunday also is advance. Remember that it is 4o days from Ash Wednesday so you can do the math for that or just look at the Roman Catholic calendar of the exact date of Holy Week. Wow. Holy week is coming!

So what have you done this day Roman Catholic peeps? Did you went to church yet and have the forehead crossed with ashes for something you will sacrificed for? Oops that also means no to meat consumption for Tuesday and Friday or some for the entire 40 days cycle. Whew! Okay, it is also good for peeps who want to loss weight and no need to think of having diet pills like phentermine or just perhaps appetite suppressants?... hemmm.. What do you think? I hope you will have a great journey on your diet on sacrificing and being great in determination, diet pills might help you to do that should you like to do so. Whatever the occasion is, we should not forget about being healthy always. Have a great Ash Wednesday and have fun dieting all! :-)


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